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You WILL want to watch this.

In the early morning hours on 8/16/2014 in Ferguson, MO, Greg Thomas spoke with VICE about Ferguson, structural racism, media bias and more!!!

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Greg Thomas can be found on twitter, here: Minossec

#Ferguson #MikeBrown

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Prayers up for the parents of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. 

wow just seeing her look at her son’s picture made me cry in a snap


Love how all the POC look 1000% done with this shit.

their faces: f*cking white people

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A very good way of going about explaining this issue. It’s good to see something positive come from Tumblr.


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Destiny’s Child reunites for Say Yes (x)

Destiny’s Child reunites for Say Yes (x)

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(Black Girl Manifesto)


is for all my Black girls

with a capital B.

With big booties,

flat booties,

don’t drop that dun-dun-dun


For all the hip-hoppin’,



Black girls

flippin’ weave,

flippin’ all natural waves,

flippin’ twist outs with their 4C curl pattern,

patterning their pumps with their earrings,

their high-waisted jeans with their lipstick— 

This is for dark skinned girls who wear bright red lipstick

and deserved to be kissed by any prince or princess they desire.

This is for every Black girl who was told that they’re too good

or not good enough.

Who was told 

you’re too Black

act too white,

too light,

too dark,

too slow to text me back,

too lookin’ like a slut,

too much of a “hoe” to be cuffed,

too “wifey” to be fucked,

too “sober so i put molly in her champagne and she ain’t even know it 

cause i’m just tryna fuck”

*kendrick voice* fuck that.

This is for the Queens,

female Kings,

and every other feminine soul in between.

This is for my Karyn Washington’s,

my Brown girls carrying the weight of baby sons,

the weight of feeling like the need to be the sun,

the weight of an entire immigrant nation,

the weight of being two times as good

to get half as much.

This is for my Black girls who don’t get much

but deserve 400 acres and a Mercedes-Benz ,

who don’t get love

but deserve to be looked at like they’re the reason

someone else is right now breathing for them.

This is for the Black girls who

reason that dying is their best option

This is for every Black girl:

You. Are worth living.

Fuck a statistic,

Fuck eHarmony and every blind bastard that doesn’t think you’re 

beautiful enough,

Fuck being systematically oppressed since the beginning of time

when man wrote woman came from Adam’s rib

Just fuck it.

Because life too short to be buried in the bullshit,

drowned in the guilt of those who are too ashamed

to admit that you are worth it.

Fuck it because you are so totally worth it—

trust me.

This is for every Black girl who needed to read this,

who right now needs to read this,

who will need to read this.

This is for every single Black girl

because this world wasn’t built for us.

But Black don’t crack for a reason—

because we were meant to survive it.

This is for ever Black girl:

You are a survivor.

You are meant to live.

So live it up, Black girl.

So rise high, Black girl.

So fly far, Black girl.

Don’t give up on love, Black girl

because this—

This, I wrote because

I love you, Black girl.

Anonymous said: Bruh you gotta chill and just find you a normal female like a chill white girl lmao. You've damn near died too many times.








a white girl ?

im team black and beautiful all day bruh ill never touch a white girl, unfollow me


Your trippin white girls are the future


God help these children



That weird chick